Navjivan School

P.B.M.Gada English School & M.T.Patel Girl’s School


Education is a light that shows the mankind the right direction to surge. If education fails to inculcate self-discipline and commitment to achieve in the minds of student, it is not their fault. We have to convert education into a sport and learning process has to generate interest in the students and motivate them to stay back in the institution than to run away from it. Education should become a fun and thrill to them rather than burden and boredom. It is an integral part of their growth and helps them become good citizens.


In order to empower some of Gujarat’s most disempowered children, Navjivan has established three primary boarding schools in rural Gujarat: Bhachau, New - Bhachau, and Halvad. Plans are currently being finalized for the fourth school in on the border of Surendranagar and Rajkot Districts, where against Dalits in school is particularly vicious, and a fifth school in Bhuj District.


The core of the schools’ identity is equality, both in terms of caste and gender. Unity is emphasized instead of division, and there is no activity that boys do that girls are not also encouraged to do. In addition to emphasizing Dalit unity and total gender equality, the schools provide a quality education to children who would otherwise either be enrolled in poor-quality government schools, or have dropped out; many of the students come from schools in which they experienced discrimination for being Dalits.

The long term goals for setting up model schools by Navjivan are:

  • After 8 years, the children will speak fluent English language.

  • The children will not feel afraid of English that they were born as a Guajarati culture. The girl children will demand higher education from their parents instead of getting married at a young age.

  • The boy children will not feel embarrassed to do tasks like sweeping, washing clothes, preparing chapatti (Indian bread) or cutting vegetables.

  • The children will demystify the myths based on caste and gender discrimination.

  • The children will confidently demand their rights at school.

  • The children will sing the songs of English language.

  • The children will ensure gender equity within their families and dignity for their mothers.